Nokia N9 gets through FCC

Since the announcement there hasn’t been any rumor of Nokia N9 to be on any carriers here in the US but now it looks someone could offer it, anyway the Smartphone has hit the FCC and passed it. like the case is with most handsets that make it through, both external and internal photos are available accompanied by a complete user manual.

If you had any doubt this will be a world phone, tests confirming quadband 2G and pentaband 3G (2100/1900/1700/900/850 MHz) should put those to rest, while 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi spread over 2.4 and 5GHz means it’ll be quick to download the goods around the house. N9 should theoretically be able to run on any major US carrier that uses SIM cards but still in US if it could change the status of the Nokia, it would be better that is all. The Nokia N9 is expected to launch later this year in at least 23 countries worldwide, yet no concrete release date has been given yet. You can go through the 113-page user manual of the device and get themselves familiar with MeeGo in advance.