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Nokia N9 Release Date August 19?

Nokia N9 Release Date to be August 19?

Even though Nokia hasn’t promised a future for its MeeGo based Smartphone Nokia N9, you may have been attracted by the Smartphone’s aesthetic design and captivating UI, a few days ago the Smartphone visited the FCC with full user manual and now it seems that the N9 is scheduled to be released on August 19. There hasn’t been any confirmation regarding to the release but a Kazakhstan-based retailer has it listed as available for August 19th.

Meanwhile the N9 has gone for pre-order in Russia, one of Nokia’s traditional markets where the phone expected to sell big. In Kazakhstan off-contractprice starts at nearly $685. Yet there is no info if the N9 would go on sale on any US network although FCC has approved the Smartphone.

Nokia N9 is full touch based Smartphone featuring 3.9-inch screen, 1GHz TI chip and an 8MP Carl Zeiss shooter. There will be 16GB and 64GB versions with off-contract price expected to reach nearly $750 for the latter.

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