Panasonic UT-PB1 e-Reader Tablet US release may soon; price unknown

Panasonic UT-PB1 e-Reader Tablet US release may soon; price unknown

Attempts to adapt the Tablet PC for reading books began with the release of specialized devices under the brand Barnes & Noble Nook. Apparently, the concept seemed viable – the other day my flatbed reader showed the Japanese Panasonic.

The demonstration took place at the exhibition concept e-Book Expo Tokyo to understand what city in the country which is understandable. A device called UT-PB1 collected in a familiar form factor, but with a very wide left-hand side – it was convenient to hold the tablet while you read.

According to the newspaper DiGinfo, the tablet uses a 7-inch color display with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels, dual-core processor. All this is running a modified version of the Google Android. The source claims that the installed software will still check email and perform other basic actions for modern devices. However, to speak about access to the app store Android Market is premature.

Other hardware specifications include a built-in webcam, Wi-Fi connectivity, a microSDHC memory card slot, an improved user interface as well as browsing and e-mail capability. Each purchase will come with 600 preloaded e-book titles, although we have no idea on how much this will cost, nor will it ever make its way to the US.

View a short video of Panasonic UT-PB1 e-Reader Tablet here,

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