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Portable Air Conditioners – Buyer’s guide

Portable Air Conditioners - Buyer's guide

Much of central Canada is suffocating heat, heat and Humidex warnings and advisories are published in cities across the prairies and Ontario. Extreme heat has led many to the head of hardware stores in search of air conditioning units. In some areas, retailers are having trouble keeping in stock.

The air conditioning unit mounted on the window has been for decades. But now share shelf space with a relatively new product – the portable air conditioner. These products are small and can be used to supplement an existing cooling systems are an attractive alternative to traditional units for several reasons:

  • Can be used in rooms that can not accommodate window units.
  • You can move from room to room
  • They suck moisture from the air, while cooling

Moreover, some consumers living in apartment complexes and condominiums that prohibit the use of traditional wall units:

If you are buying a portable air conditioner make sure you are:

Truly portable

Some units are not truly portable, but simply described as portable as it does not require installation on wall

It has integrated wheels and handles

This allows you to move from room to room

The right size

A small portable air conditioner that uses less energy and takes up little space can be tempting, but it will not cool a large room.

Also, make sure you do not put a great portable air conditioner room in a small space. Overwork the unit to cool the area and the room cold and wet.

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  • vance99

     Air conditioners are vital especially during summer time when the
    searing heat is almost unbearable. These days, there are two types of
    air conditioning units, one of which is the traditional, permanent and
    bulky type, is normally used to cool down several rooms in a building.
    This type is always associated with high maintenance fee. The second
    type is the portable type which is more cost effective and more
    efficient compared to the permanent one. Portable air conditioners are
    cost effective and at the same time have multiple uses because of other
    features available.

  • steve brown

    Another advantage of portable air conditioners would be the electricity efficiency which they deliver. The median efficiency is in the 8 to 10 range eventhough a few are probably as high as 15, which often is 50 percent greater than the majority of older central air conditioners. The small size of the portable air conditioners may be very advantageous and as such it can fit in a corner or simply against a wall. It is used like an economical dehumidifier if you don’t vent the warm exhaust air out via a window and its sizing is the same as that of a room dehumidifier.

  • Anna taylor

    there you have 3 money saving tips when shopping for a portable air conditioner.
    First, make sure you select the correct number of BTUs for your room size. Next,
    don’t get thrown off by brand names, you’re just looking for something to keep
    you cool. Finally, shop around for different makes, models, features and options
    and only get the features you need. Now you’ll be more aware of what to look for
    and able to save money when shopping for portable air conditioners.