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Samsung Galaxy S II Sales hit 3 Million in 55 Days

Samsung Galaxy S II hits 3 Million Sales in 55 Days

It was an history that original version of Samsung Galaxy S sold 3 million in 85 days, here is the new record for Samsung to boast of, this time it comes from Samsung Galaxy S II mostly awaited Android Smartphone released very recently, more accurately 55 days since released the sales of the Smartphone hit 3 million, interesting thing is that the release of the Smartphone in the US hasn’t been done yet.

According to reports, Samsung Galaxy S II is sold in every 1.5 seconds. In the UK Samsung has become the top selling handset manufacturer. Samsung says that most of the sales of Samsung Galaxy S II are from Europe meanwhile USA is still waiting for the beast and for sure a lot of people must be waiting for its release to get their hands-on in the US. The device is expected to be available on 3 of the nation’s top 4 carriers as the Samsung Function (Verizon), Attain (AT&T) and Within (Sprint).

How long do you think the device will take to reach 10 million? I think if it releases soon in US, it will be an another record for Samsung’s history if the sales keep going on the same level and won’t be too long to cover those numbers. If you can’t wait for the release of Samsung Galaxy S II on carriers in US, you can grab one from Amazon as unlocked version but you will have to shell out $684.69. Meanwhile, Canadian consumers have good news that Virgin Mobile seems to release the Smartphone on July 14 according to a leak yesterday.


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