Samsung NC215S Solar Netbook pre-order starts for $399; Solarless NC110 priced $329

Samsung NC215S Solar Netbook pre-order starts for $399; Solarless NC110 priced $329

The latest addition to Samsung, the NC251S netbook is powered by a solar panel. The device, placed on the back of the computer is able to fully charge the battery as a power cord: Wireless charging, therefore, saving energy and using a renewable source.

The solar panels provide a methodology for capturing and using the energy emitted from the Sun: The material used to manufacture, in fact, is extremely sensitive to the impact of photons making up the sunlight, so that they induce the release of electrons to the surface, generating an electric current, in turn, used as a source of power for common appliances. In this way, in fact, solar energy is converted into electrical energy.

The South Korean giant of the benefits of innovation are manifold: first, the convenience of being able to use your laptop in places without a power outlet, the use of an ultra-environmentally friendly source of energy at no cost and weight reduction Total equipment due to the absence of electric cable.

The included battery has a range of about 14 hours and the solar panel contributes to its increase, since for every two hours of sun exposure you gain an hour of battery life. In this way, the inherent drawback of this methodology captures the energy-that which is possible only during daylight hours-is partially reduced.

Other features of the PC are very common: the hard drive is available in 250GB and 320GB, even the processor is dual option, Atom N570 (dual core) or N455 (single core), while memory is fixed 1Gb Ram. In addition, the laptop integrates three USB 2.0 ports, VGA and Ethernet ports and a webcam front. The operating system chosen by the manufacturer is Windows 7.

The display has an anti-reflection coating 10-inch diagonal, with a resolution 1.024×600 pixels and a brightness of 300 nits (average brightness for a liquid crystal display). The three USB ports can also be used to charge external devices (cell phones, mp3 players), using the same power source with solar panels (also computer off).

According to a press release the Korean company, the first country where it can be purchased will be Russia, in July, followed by the United States at a price of $399 and finally in Europe. It only remains now to attend if and when the new console will arrive on our market.

If you are not interested in solar panels and you are satisfied with the current town, is also pre-selling the Samsung NC110 with the same features at $329 more on Amazon here.

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