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Six Fisker Karma release date in this Spring; priced at $100K

Six Fisker Karma release date in this Spring; priced at $100KAfter debuting nearly three years ago, Fisker Automotive received its first six Karma production cars. The first six production Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid vehicles arrived at Fisker Automotive’s new headquarters in Anaheim on Friday.

Two of Fisker’s $100,000 vehicles will be part of a retailer roadshow as more than 2,800 test drives will be held across 44 cities. Leonardo DiCaprio will be getting his hands on the first Karma later this month, according to Autocar, followed by Al Gore and Colin Powell.

Fisker, much like Tesla was founded by an iconic figure.  While Elon Musk built a fortune off of internet startups like Zip2 and PayPal, Fisker’s founder Henrik Fisker built a reputation design sleek sports cars, such as the Aston Martin DB9, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, and BMW Z8.

“This is an exciting day in the history of Fisker Automotive. The Fisker dream is becoming a reality,” said Henrik Fisker, CEO, co-founder and executive of design. “These first production cars in the USA show that you can produce an environmentally conscious car that does not sacrifice passion, style or performance.”

The six cars are now being dispersed across the country to appear in various shows. Two of the cars are making their way cross-country in the Pure Driving Passion North American Retailer Roadshow. The cars will visit 44 cities over the next three months. The road show will allow nearly 3,000 people to test drive the new sports car.

Unsurprisingly, Fisker began to show similar signs, and some in the public began to write it off as another startup bust.  The release date was originally slotted for 2009 at a price of $80,000 USD.  Then last year Fisker said it would be ready to produce 15,000 EVs this year, priced at $87,500.

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