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Skype Video Chat on Facebook officially announced; Releasing soon (Update: Available now)

Skype Video Chat on Facebook officially announced; Releasing soon

Finally it has been confirmed that Skype and Facebook are working together for making Video chat available on facebook. recently there has been a rumor that Zuckerberg is to announce Skype Video Chat on Facebook. Rumor spread after Google announced Google+ project with many exciting features including Video chat.  As of Confirmation Skype has just published  the announcement page for V5.3 for Windows.

The page has also announced that Facebook and Skype have teamed up to make it easier to stay connected with friends and families and Facebook has published full details and new features of the facebook . According to facebook, there will be new group chatting so you and other friends of yours can discuss together and Video calling can be done right from the browser and Facebook claims that they are trying to make the Video calling as a usual activity and you can make video calling right from the the chat by clicking video call button at the top of you chat window.

It is surely enjoyable for many since there has been something less in the facebook and now it has been fulfilled and surely this is an appreciable addition to the facebook and will let 750 million users to stay connected closer than ever before. According to Facebook Video calling will be available over the next few weeks. There is also an option to get it right now, unfortunately that  didn’t work when I tried. Anyway, I hope you share your comment below about the announcement.

Update: The Set up is now available from here , just follow the instruction and once you installed the plug-in you are ready to use the video call

Source: Skype, Facebook

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