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Toshiba Thrive Tablet facing Power Issues; doesn’t wake up from the Sleep!

Toshiba Thrive Tablet facing Power Issues; doesn't wake up from the Sleep!

Consumers of Toshiba Thrive Tablet in fact bought their new Thrive tablet after a long time of wait since the tablet was first unveiled at CES and only a few days after the release, Some consumers have complaint about their tablet. Some consumers are experiencing some power issue.

It is reported that some tablets are not waking up after the tablet was put to sleep, and users have to make hard reboot to get it working again. Another problem many users seem to be having is the Thrive rebooting all on its own. Surely many devices have bugs when they first come out, but Toshiba experienced other production issues with its Folio 100 tablet last year.

Company hasn’t issued any response about the issue and expected to it soon, Let us know if you’re seeing the same troubles in comments below and share your thought on the issue.

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