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Toyota Scion iQ EV Release Date confirmed as 2012; Price yet unknown

Toyota Scion iQ EV Release Date confirmed as 2012; Price yet to announceToyota’s been teasing us with its Scion iQ electric car for more than a year. Now, the Japanese automaker, during a recent meeting held in Las Vegas(Toyota today has shared some of the product news it shared with its dealers at the annual national dealer meeting in Las Vegas. The private meeting was attended by representatives from Toyota’s 1,233 U.S. dealers. Speakers included Toyota President Akio Toyoda, as well as the top brass from Toyota’s North American operations.

) , has officially announced that the launch of all-electric Scion iQ is coming in 2012.Although Toyota has no specific date to when the 2012 Scion iQ electric will be available at dealership yet, but it stated that the all-electric Scion iQ will be in America in less than 18 months from now.

Toyota’s electrified minicar, with its estimated range of 50 miles, will face fierce competition from vehicles like the 73-mile rated Nissan Leaf, 85-mile “best case range scenario” Mitsubishi i, and, if Think Global survives bankruptcy, its 100-mile rated City electric. With electric vehicles already having been condemned for not hitting advertised range ratings, one has to wonder if Scion’s electric will be a success in the States.

While it had been rumored that an all electric version of the new Scion mico-car could be offered this is the first solid announcement from Toyota that the model is making it to production. The gasoline powered Scion iQ is due here in the States later this year.

We’ve contacted Toyota to find out when this electric rollerskate will be available and at what price. The automaker hasn’t shared that information with anyone yet, so we’re not holding our collective breath.

There is no information yet on what the pricing, actual range and specification of the new Scion iQ EV will be when it arrives, but we will be the first to tell you when it comes.

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