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VIPRE Antivirus not slows down the PC; Here is Review

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sunbelt Software. All opinions are 100% mine.

Day by day we see more sophisticated Antivirus software while virus get more immunity than before, they somehow attack the system and our system need very secure and reliable Antivirus and spy-ware protection. There are many Antivirus programs out there but most of them will slow down the system while scanning is going on and interrupts our other work on the system. Meanwhile I happen to know the VIPRE antivirus software that claims that it will not slow down the system while scanning and I was really excited since Antivirus softwares that I used really slowed down the system. So I decided to test the software and result was interesting.

VIPRE Antivirus software claims to be the first to provide an “unlimited home license”. For an annual subscription price of $49.95, all the PCs in your house can be protected with this single “home license”. This license is for residential use, and includes your home office. All the PC”s in your home are covered. For example, that would include a laptop in use by a child in college.

When it comes to the User interface, it is so simple and anyone can understand its usage even without any previous experience with any other antivirus software. There are all options in front of you when the VIPRE window is opened. You can see “OVERVIEW” “SCAN””MANAGE””TOOLS ” links to each area of the software that provides different options for your choice.

The OVERVIEW is the default page. On the overview page u can see what the header suggests. You can see total detection and other activities on the down right of the window while other five options as “Scan Status” “Active Protection” “Email Protection” “Updates” and “Subscription” on the left. There is also menu bar and it has “File” “View” and “Help” options. You can simply jump to the settings page which provides almost options available in this software for protecting your system. You can decide what kind of settings you need and include objects or exclude objects and files from the settings window, so u can make sure that the software doesn’t scan those file not to be scanned.

On the settings window, you have “Update” “Scan Options” “Active Protection” “Email Protection” “Power” options. Here active protection makes sure there is no any threat and monitor in real-time for the risk before it infects the system if it is enabled. While the “Email Protection” makes sure that there are no mails with risk if you enable this option. The Email clients include Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail and POP3 and SMTP Clients (Thunderbird, Incredimail, Eudora, etc.). The Email Protection option will be provided while you install the software on you system, you can either select it from there or late from the settings window instead.

The “MANAGE “ button on the main window take you to a page where you can five different options that include “History” “Quarantine” “Always Blocked” “Always Allowed” and “Scheduled Scan”. On the Quarantine you can see each of the files Quarantined and you can take any preferable action on that from here, while the “Always Blocked” and “Always Allowed” show you those allowed and blocked applications or programs on your system. The “Schedule Scans” allow you to what the name suggests.

The “TOOLS” button on the main window provide three other options which are “Secure File Eraser” that securely and completely delete any trace of files from the System, “History Cleaner” that allow you to maintain your privacy by removing and search history, finally “the PC Explorer” showing all running application and services then analyses it and see if it is safe, unknown, suspicious or hazardous.

VIPRE claims that this new and sophisticated program will not slow down the PC while scanning. One of the main scanning process the VIPRE provide is deep system scan which carefully scans all files on the system and may take several minutes to complete, what I have to mention here is that from my experience Antivirus software always slowdown the system while scanning especially at the time of a full scan, interestingly the VIPRE has kept its promise and I haven’t even known the scanning process is going on while I was working on the computer with many other files. It really impressed me that how fast and safely the scanning was progressing without any interruption to the system performance. If you are using less powerful computer you shouldn’t look none other than VIPRE Antivirus.

I also tested software’s scanning process with the external drives, you will be prompted to scan when you plug in any external drivers with computer, and you can either scan or cancel. When I scanned a 5GB of files on flash drive, the drive was scanned very excitingly fast and provided the result with many trogen programs with complete details. If anyone is using the Virus program there will be some doubts to delete some programs or not when the result is provided to take action but as far as the VIPRE antivirus is concerned, I don’t think there will be such doubts like that since the software provides complete info regarding to each threat and advice of what to do. There will be options on the scanning window to see the result of the scan and you can switch to any other part of the software while the scanning progresses or you can keep using your system with any other program installed or browse on internet. And you will be notified down right of your monitor when the scanning is over. You don’t have to keep the VIPRE window opened on your system while scanning is going one.

Another cool feature is “ThreatNet” it is community of users, with this facility, When an unknown potential security risk is detected by Active Protection, you are notified with a popup in the lower-right corner of your computer screen. With ThreatNet enabled, information about that risk is then automatically sent to Advanced Technology Group. This helps to identify new security risks as soon as they occur. This information is placed into definition updates, so that it can be made available to protect users from new malware.

The VIPRE Antivirus software is only 13MB of size and downloading and installing are very easy, since you can’t run two antivirus software on single system you will have to remove any other antivirus program if you have on your system. It will take only minutes to download and install the software. Soon after the installation you will be prompted to reboot your system. After the reboot, the software takes you through some important settings and finally will download updates for your software. The company provides 15 days trial version if you wish to test the Software. The company provides the software for normal and business use. Now the Software only supports PC and not Mac.

System Requirements:

Windows Server 2008 (32/64-bit)

Windows 7 (32/64-bit),

Windows Vista (All flavors) (32/64-bit)

Windows Server 2003 (32/64-bit)

Windows XP (Home, Pro, Media Center, Tablet) (32/64-bit)

At Least 512MB Memory (RAM)

At Least 150MB Disk Space Available

High Speed Internet (Recommended)

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