Windows Phone 7 4G Smartphone heading to T-Mobile?

There are many 4G Smartphones running on Android in the Market but when it comes to Windows Phone, there is no Smartphone with 4G and surely makes sense if the company owns one in the Market. Meanwhile sprouting rumors on it, T-Mobile retailers have got promo stickers that depicts 4G Windows Phone.

There haven’t been much detyails on the device and everything is on speculation, but assuming that the stickers belong to an upcoming 4G Windows Phone 7 device wouldn’t be too far off. It hasn’t been officially announced that the next-gen WP7 phones with 4G anyway.

if the rumors are going to be true, the next generation Windows Phone Mango would be sweeter than we expected. The first windows Phone Mango Smartphone was unveiled by Fujitsu in last week. Anyway let’s wait a little too for further information on the device to come with 4G. till then stay tuned.