Windows Phone Mango App Submission begins in August; Releases new App Hub for Developers

It is widely expected that Microsoft is going to have a new era with its new update version of Windows Phone 7 Mango and many of the Manufacturers are anticipated to bring Windows Phone Mango based Smartphone including some new companies on the line like Nokia and Fujitsu. A recent Tweet from Microsoft unwittingly confirmed Mango handsets to be sent out to ImagineCup finalists in September, and now a message to Windows Phone developers further supports that release timeframe.

Microsoft on Wednesday announced it will begin taking developer app submissions for Windows Phone 7 Mango in about one month’s time. Microsoft’s Todd Brix, in a blog post announced the rollout of a new App Hub for Windows Phone developers. Developers will be able to submit their Mango apps to the App Hub to reach Windows Phone Marketplace in time for the launch. Windows Phone Release Candidate tools will be made available to developers later that month to finalize Mango apps.

Microsoft has also expanded the number of countries that can submit applications by 7 and announced access for developers to sell their apps in 19 new markets. Those two moves should help to both boost app sales, and maintain developer momentum. Finally, Microsoft Advertising pubCenter will be available in 18 countries by the end of the year.

Microsoft also claimed that developer interest in WP7 had recently risen and There are now ‘tens of thousands’ of developers using the new Mango tools, the company claimed. It seems certain that Windows Phone Mango will be released in September with a possible debut at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference from September 13-16.