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CARBONITE unlimited backup: Protect your Files and Documents for just $50 a year

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carbonite. All opinions are 100% mine.Cabonite unlimited backup: Protect your Files and Documents for just $50 a year

In our daily life, usage of computer and computer based data are increasing day by day, just imagine we lose all of these files and data we have stored on our hard drive by a crash or any other unexpected problem, I wouldn’t even like to imagine it. So you may like to know about Carbonite , a cloud based computer data backup service for both business and home purpose.

When the files are backed up by Carbonite, you will get your files back with just a few clicks if you lose it, interestingly the CARBONITE won’t interrupt your work on your computer but you don’t even know when it works behind you continuously. Whenever you are connected to internet, files like images, documents, emails many other files are automatically backed up by CARBONITE once you are ready with its supporting software which is installed on your computer. CABONITE claims that they use sophisticated encryption system to protect your files.

Installing CARBONITE software is an easy process. If you ever lose your files on your computer, CARBONITE software will guide you through entire process of restoring your data and if you need help at any point of restoring data, you get the help from its customer support services.

The CARBONITE software supports both PC and MAC, you can also access your backed up data from any other computer or through your Smartphone or iPad with a free Carbonite App remotely. Carbonite unlimited data backup service is available for reasonable price for a year based on your need. It only costs $50 for your home purpose a year. If you want to try it for a few days, the CARBONITE knows your needs and provides 15days trial with no credit card requirement and if you decide to buy the space for you, you get additional two free months over BLOGAD offer code. Just head over to carbonite backup to know more about CARBONITE backup services and features.

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