Gigabyte announces A2Tiny 160GB Portable Hard Drive

Gigabyte announces A2Tiny 160GB Portable Hard Drive

We will never think  about a portable hard drive, it is unlikely to think it as if a lighter or tiny one, but that is what the newly announced Gigabyte Hard Drive look like. The company announced its tiny hard drive in Taiwan. Dubbed A2 Tiny looks like a cigarette lighter has a 160GB of  storage capacity.

A good feature is that it will securely storage your data with a shock/vibration absorption mechanism that keeps you from damaging or losing your data when it’s shifting around in your pockets or when it is accidentally dropped. The device also has a special fingerprint-proof material which is heat resistant. The device has USB 2.0 and weighs 80g. The device supports Mac OS 9.x or above, Linux or above and Windows ME/ 2000 /XP /VISTA /7. Right now there is no info regarding to its price and availability.


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