Google acquires Motorola Mobility; Price $12.5 billion

Google acquires Motorola Mobility; Price $12.5 billion

Google has finally announced the acquisition of Motorola Mobility, even though there was a little rumor it was not confirmed now everything has been clear. The Motorola mobility will be aquired by Google for  $12.5 billion ($40 per share) and seems that this is to defend the Google Android from legal battles over patent infringement as well as other strategies.

Note that Google is buying Motorola’s Mobility division and not as whole Motorola and this is the one responsible for whole Motorola Smartphones and tablets. This was Google expects to defend its Android from many patent war going on now, as you may know Microsoft and Apple are together in claiming dollars from Google for each devices sold which is running on Android.

It seems that Google Android will have access to Motorola’s large patent portfolio once the deal is done and  it will be in a much better position to offer assistance to its partners in their court struggles. Google will run the Motorola Mobility as separate Compnany and will not merge and Android will remain as it is today and  Motorola will continue to be one of the many Android licensees.

Meanwhile, all main Android device manufactures have welcomed the acquisition of the Motorola Mobility, including  CEOs of LG, Sony Ericsson and HTC as well as the president of the Samsung mobile. Anyway, no other android users don’t have to be afraid of  loosing support since it tries its best to defend the Android.

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