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LG A530 15.6″ 3D Laptop with 3D Dual-Webcam unveiled; Specs and Release Date

LG A530 15.6" 3D Laptop with 3D Dual-Webcam unveiled; Specs and Release DateWhen it comes to 3D, there are no much Laptops with 3D capability despite a bunch of  3D HDTVs and desktops, but now LG has unveiled a new laptop with full HD 3D capability and even features a 3D dual webcam immediate above the 15.6″ inch display. The new laptop is dubbed LG A530 that is capable of shooting 3D videos and photos and also other innovative features.

The LG A350 laptop is powered by  a second-generation Intel Core i7 processor sports 15.6″ 3D LCD screen withFull HD 1920×1080,  up to 8GB RAM, an NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M graphics card, an integrated SSD, a high-capacity hard drive, fingerprint access for added security and USB 3.0 connectivity. The laptops is also said to boot-up  just between 20 and 30 percent faster than on competing notebooks.

“With 3D becoming ever more popular, the logical next step is to let users make their own 3D content and watch it on a top-quality 3D screen. And that’s just what our new A530 does,” said J.J. Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of LG Electronics PC Business Unit. “LG is already a leader in the ever-growing world of 3D technology. With the LG A530’s wide range of line-ups including 3D HD in addition to 3D Full HD, LG is already leading the 3D notebook market.”

LG claims that the new laptop will provide “a full, superior 3D experience, with the ability to see, shoot and share via the 3D dual webcam” and whatever 3D content that is played from the notebook can be viewed on the rest of LG’s other cutting-edge 3D devices, including smartphones, TVs and monitors.

The new laptop is also coming pre-installed with LG’s own  3D Space Software which is LG’s new integrated user interface that lets user to access 3D video, photos and games easily. You can also upload 3D content direct to YouTube and share it with friends and families. The LG A530 includes a free pair each of the lightweight 3D glasses and clip-ons. The new LG also claims the new LG A530 features a luxurious exterior in a sturdy, Ebony Black case with a solid brushed aluminum finish.

The LG A530 3D laptop is expected to be released in Europe middle east and Africa in August followed by other markets around the world.Currently there is no details regarding to its price, we hope it will be available soon.


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