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Motorola XT531 US release date on AT&T near ?

Motorola XT531 US release date on AT&T soonAfter being officially announced for Asia, Europe, and Latin America a couple of weeks ago, the Motorola XT531 looks like it may even be headed stateside. Motorola’s XT531 showed up at the FCC with AT&T’s HSPA bands (850 and 1900 MHz) along with the standard WiFi and Bluetooth radios. For a little more info on the phone we can turn to the international versions, which has already been announced. The phone has only a 3.5? screen, but runs Gingerbread, and has both a front and rear camera.

The XT531 will be capable of UMTS connections on bands II and V, corresponding to the 1900MHz and 850MHz bands used for 3G/4G service by AT&T. It’s doubtful this is the Fire XT, even if the FCC didn’t evaluate the 2100MHz band, because we’ve heard the phone will only have dual-band HSDPA.

It’s possible we could be looking at the Spice XT, ready for a carrier like Mexico’s Telcel, which operates on the appropriate bands. Another possibility is that this is an entirely new XT531 variant, one that’s specifically planned for release in the US or Canada. We haven’t heard anything from Motorola that might support that theory, but this phone’s definitely one that’s working on establishing a global footprint.

We don’t, however, know when. Or how much it will cost. In the end, AT&T may even decide not to sell the XT531. Anything can happen. But today we found out that the XT531 may hit the US.

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