Samsung releases “Samsung 470 SSD” with Norton Ghost now; Upgrade your Hard Disk without reinstalling your OS

SSDs are getting more common nowadays and companies are coming with new techniques to attract consumers in the Market. Now Samsung has announced  its six new 470 Series SSDs with full version of  Norton Ghost 15. The Nortan  It is expected to attract consumers with this technology since it helps consumers simply, quickly and reliably migrate their existing system data to another hard disk without  reinstalling their operating system.

Unlike hard disk drives (HDD) that require spinning discs at high speeds (5400rpm-15000rpm) with heads moving just above them, SSDs do not require any mechanical components and that’s key when it comes to pure performance. The lack of mechanical motion makes accessing many small files much faster. Everything happens at (almost) the speed of light.

Even though the SSDs are much more expensive than usual hard drives, this new Norton Ghosting facility should bring consumers attention to Samsung . Let’s not forget the increased speed, reduced energy consumption and longer lifespan of the SSD. At $459, this 256GB model is still expensive in an absolute sense, but don’t forget that the Samsung 470 Series also has 128GB for $229.99 and 64GB versions for $119.99. The 64GB version is particularly interesting for a system drive or a laptop.