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Seagate GoFlex Turbo USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive with Data Recovery Service

GoFlex Turbo USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Data Recovery Service

Seagate has announced an addition to its portable hard drive line up, the hard coming from 500GB to 750GB is dubbed as GoFlex Turbo HDD. The drive this time comes with more secure data service, interestingly a one-time data recovery service from SafetyNet is included with the drive.

The device transfers data through USB 3.0. Through Data recovery service, even after formatting or physical damage, you can recover all your data lost in the hard drive.

Seagate said that their consumer surveys show that there is a demand in this area, as users often backup precious information on external disks. If a customer is in trouble, the Seagate hotline is the first line of defense, and their technicians even have utilities that would let them check a hard drive remotely. If yet the problem is not solved, the hard drive can be sent to Seagate for SafetyNet  recovery attempt.

Now the data recovery service is highly expensive and seems to cost even $2000 but interestingly if the service bundled with GoFlex Turbo HDD, it is about $20.

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