Skype deep Integration wit Windows phone confirmed by Skype VP

It is not to be wondered when we know that there will be a deeb integration of  Skype on WP 7 OS, since there has been a deal on Skype by Microsoft for $8.5 Billion. For the confirmation the Skype’s VP Neil Stevens has confirmed that there won’t be any problem with WIndows Phone OS like in iOS and Android will deeply ingrate the Skype  throughout Microsoft Mobile OS.

Even though the deal on Skype by Microsoft is on pending for approval by Regulatory board, it is expected to be done by the end of this year. For the hint how the integration will be, he said  it “can show people what a really great Skype experience is like when there are no hardware or vendor limitations”, he said.

Skype is also expected to crawl into other Microsoft products too like  Kinect, the Lync enterprise communication program, and eventually Windows 8. Skype is so expected to experience a bright future with  Microsoft , but we will have to wait till the integration to say something about it.