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Sony Ericsson Nozomi next Flagship Smartphone?

Sony Ericsson Nozomi next Flagship Smartphone?It seems that Sony Ericsson is prepping its next flagship device code named Nozomi, rumors are spreading across the web  and according to the reports, the Smartphone is coming with a 1.4GHz processor and 4.3″ display on board at 720p resolution. The model number seems to be LT26i/LT26a and couldn’t be limited to Japan. Anyway, the source doesn’t clarify if the processor for the Nozomi is dual-core or not.

However, all are rumors and yet to be confirmed by officials, there is already a rumor that alleged Sony Ericsson XPERIA DUOS is supposed to feature 1.4GHz dual-core processor and a 4.5 inch qHD display. It could be another flagship device stand with new Nozomi.

Finally, then same source says that early rumored QWERTY slider Sony Ericsson SK19i is no more alive and has been canceled, all these news appeared on xperia blog and the obtained it from an anonymous tipster. anyway rumors could be true or otherwise, so let’s wait an see.

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