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Tesla Model X SUV launch date in December; Release Date in 2014

Tesla Motors, one of the original electric vehicle start-up companies and is currently the most important players from the few that remain, which recently affirmed its intention to produce its all-electric sports car end, the Tesla Roadster, by late 2011. Now comes word from the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, that the company will be unveiling the Model X Tesla SUV by the end of this year. Musk also added that the vehicle will be offered to consumers in 2014. Musk said that it will be “cooler” than any SUV or minivan now on the market.Tesla Model X SUV launch date in December; Release Date  in 2014The Model X uses the same powertrain and technology as the other electric cars Tesla produces. That helped the company cut the development time for the Model X in half. It also required about a third as much in upfront capital expenditures to begin producing the Model X, Musk said. But don’t add the Model X to your holiday wish list yet–the crossover isn’t expected to go into production until 2013. When it does, Tesla expects to produce only 15,000 units per year of the SUV when it ramps up production in 2014.

Although the Tesla Roadster, Tesla Motors has missiles to international fame, decided maybe the geniuses behind the company that it ended its run. Tesla Motors is on something even bigger than the incredible success of the Roadster is working. There has been some buzz in the media about the latest news from Tesla EV, the model X. was

Although the model is known about X is not much, are reports that it is very popular in the genre crossover SUV and the platform is on a different model based Tesla Model S. That sounds like a strategy that the big three automakers in the 1980s hit. They have each developed a strong platform vehicle, only one was needed, and began using it as a base for dozens of different vehicle models. With a single-vehicle platform, these companies produce cars, trucks, SUVs and crossover vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from different body styles on the same platform. This strategy enabled them to make a quick killing on the market.

The company raised an extra $210 million in June to fund development of the Model X and the Model S, its upcoming sedan. Musk said he didn’t expect to raise additional funding for now. ”At this point we don’t anticipate any need for a secondary between now and the start of the Model X production,” Musk said. “If we see a significant opportunity and it’s worth the dilution to pursue that opportunity, then we’ll go to market. But we don’t foresee doing that.”

The Model X is the third electric vehicle that Tesla is producing. The SUV is designed as a 5+2, and uses the same power train as the Model S sedan, which will also seat up to seven. Tesla recently began assembling the Beta version of the Model S electric sedan and, according to VentureBeat, expects to reveal it in October.

Musk has always been bullish about the prospects of electric cars. He has said that by 2020 long range vehicle batteries will be “dirt cheap” and that by 2030 the only cars being sold in the U.S. will be electric cars.

There are only a little matter of the situation to keep their heads above water in the intervening six months between the end of the roadster and the beginning of the Model X. Tesla recently announced plans for an output of 5,300,000 shares to the public for help, money and survive as an independent company until the X-model are highlighted.

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