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ThinkFlood releases RedEye Universal Remote Control App for Android

ThinkFlood releases RedEye Universal Remote Control App for AndroidThinkFlood leading multi-user remote manufacturer has released its Android version of  RedEye application, early the app was only available for iOS with this new release Android users also can control devices. The RedEye allows users to control  devices like home theater, lighting, HVAC, and other equipment using common networked devices including Smartphones, tablets and PC.

The RedEye Android app is compatible with networked RedEye products(RedEye and RedEye Pro) and supports devices running  Android 1.6 andlater, including 3.0 (Honeycomb) for tablets. The RedEye hardware is able to do all sorts of home automation tasks. This is the first universal remote for the Android platform according to ThinkFlood.

“The iPhone was a great start for us because it is such an elegantand popular device. But it was never our goal to have an exclusively iOS platform,” said Matt Eagar, founder and president of ThinkFlood.“Instead, we designed RedEye with the idea that you can pick up any networked device – iPhone, PC, Android device – and control your system from anywhere you have a network connection.”

You can configure new RedEye system via a PC with WiFi card and RedEye has also full configuration capabilities of the iOS app with this release. and has  refreshed the graphics for the iOS App, so you can customize more than earlier version.

According to RedEye, the RedEye systems include following optimization for Smartphones and PCs:

  • Multi-user support. Use any networked device (personal computer,smartphone, or tablet) to control the system.
  • Control from anywhere. As long as you have a network connection,you can control your system – from any room in the house, or even away from home.
  • Automatic synchronization. Each controller automatically detects the system configuration through the RedEye hardware, so adding a new controller is effortless. Also allows one person to pick up controlling right where another left off.
  • Complete customization. Organize not only common activities, but also unique button layouts appropriate for each activity, right down to the graphical look and feel.
  • Platform-appropriate shortcuts. On iOS, multi-touch and motiongestures and on Android and PC, keyboard shortcuts allow for easy operation without looking down at the screen when controlling.
RedEye system is available for purchase from dealers and retailers worldwide or via online direct from RedEye’s website, the RedEye universal remote control hardware system is priced at $199 . You can download the latest version of RedEye application from Android Market or iTunes right now.

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