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Amazon Android Appstore for India released

Amazon Android Appstore for India releasedIF you are lving in the Indian and need an alternative for Android market, now Amazon has answer for you. Since the Amazon released its Android Appstore, the market was just available only for Americans,  it is no more the case. Amazon has made its market for Indians and may be spreading to more markets all over the world.

You can now download Android apps from the Amazon store in India. You may find many offers for a Android apps and  you can test the apps on your browser without purchasing the apps, so you can make sure that you need the app before you buy it.

Just head over to in your Android Smartphone and you will be able to download the appstore app for your device, istall the app and just log in with your ID and password. One of the demerit for the Amazon Appstore is that the test-drive feature for Android apps on is still not live for international users. Anyway, you are still able to download free and premium apps. Check out the video below to see the appstore in action.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″]

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