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Amazon Kindle Fire 7 inch Tablet official; Pricing $199

Amazon Kindle Fire 7 inch Tablet official; Pricing $199As we expected Amazon’s first Kindle Android tablet has been confirmed with heavily customized interface. Amazon had released some invites for the event on 28 that is today. It is predicted that the dream for very cheap Android tablet with somewhat better features will be true with the new tablet named Amazon Kindle Fire. But when it comes to the specs, it seems somewhat under the average with lack of good features.

The tablet is  pretty plain and lacks front and rear camera as well as microphone and no support for 3G. Thanks to the WiFi, those who purchase the tablet could at least surf internet with somewhat speed. On the top of Android, you have access to to Amazon’s vast universe of books, and shopping experience as well as other entertainment services. There is a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime preinstalled, which includes free movie streaming and two-day shipping for $79 a year.

The Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet is confirmed to be priced at $199. It is yet to be seen how consumers see the 7 inch tablet when it comes to the market, it is very doubtful that Consumers will be attracted by the tablet’s price when there are many other devices with latest version of Android and pretty good features if shelling out a little more money. It is said that the tablet is supposed to compete with original iPad with its highly customized Android interface. what do you think about the device?


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