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Amazon Tablet priced $250, release date in November

Amazon Tablet priced $250, release date in November

According to various sources, online retailer is selling its own tablet brand — a 7-inch tablet at first — that would have an entry-level price of $250. The publication has apparently seen, handled and played with the new Kindle Tablet, and oddly enough, Amazon is apparently planning to simply call it the “Amazon Kindle.” So, it’ll be just another in the long line of Kindle products, but it’ll be a far cry from the E Ink editions that are out now.

It’s going to be a 7-inch color touch-screen with no physical buttons running Android…well, sort of. Amazon has elected to use a version of Android prior to 2.2 (Most new Android-based tablets are running 3.2 or the soon to be release 4.x) as the base and then created an entirely new interface completely integrated with Amazon’s own apps like Kindle Reader, MP3 Cloud Player, Amazon Instant Videos, Amazon’s Store, Amazon Appstore, etc.  From what I’ve read none of the Google-supplied Apps will be on the device. Whether the browser supplied on the device will run Adobe’s Flash content remains to be seen.

Amazon’s willingness to sell products at low profit margins or even at a loss may be key to the retailer’s entry into the competitive tablet market. Sure it’s more expensive than the $99 HP TouchPad, but the TouchPad sale is only temporary as it HP is only getting rid of remaining inventory.

According to the report, the device looks a lot like RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook, and amazingly, it’ll only cost $250. That means that this could very well be the tablet that finally shakes things up for the iPad. Amazon is a trusted name, and that’s a tempting price. The device is devoid of any physical buttons, and not surprisingly, the music player is Amazon’s own Cloud Player. In fact, Amazon’s suite of products are used throughout: Kindle for book reading, Instant Video for videos, and Android Appstore for apps.

There are more signs Amazon is paving the way for its tablet. The e-commerce giant is revamping its Website to be more tablet friendly, removing extraneous links and tabs, making key buttons bigger and widening the space between them to allow for touchscreen input.

Amazaon Tablet’s screen will have a carousel kind of interface, which will show all the content on the in the tablet from its applications to movies to games, as reported by Siegler. The whole appilcation will mainly be seen deeply rooted to Amazaon services, as its music player is also taken from Amazon’s Cloud Player.

Siegler reported that Amazon didn’t join hands with Google on its tablets application and moreover will be featuring its own apps on the tablet. He also wrote that the tablet will only have 6GB of Mass storage and will have a similar form factor like of Blackberry PlayBook.

The Amazon tablet’s $250, price tag is only half the $499 entry-level iPad 2. According to PCWorld, Amazon’s tablet, which has yet to be officially unveiled, features a 7-inch touchscreen, looks like a BlackBerry PlayBook, and has no physical buttons on the surface.  The tablet device, according to PCWorld, is called the Amazon Kindle but is different from the Kindle e-readers.

I am excited about the new Kindle, but I’m hoping they don’t stop developing the pure reader devices. I like tablets, but when it comes to reading books (a small percentage of the content marketplace) I really appreciate the much-easier-on-the-eyes e-ink displays.

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