Archos A100S tablet release soon, it hits FCC

Archos A100S tablet release soon, it hits FCC

Yet another mystery Archos tablet, the A100S, has landed at the FCC, following on from the equally mysterious A70S2 and A80S filings on previous occasions. Following in the footsteps of the mysterious A70S2 tablet and the coy A80S, the A100S internet tablet is now making its way through the regulatory gatekeeper. Like its predecessors, this filing hasn’t given us much to go on; it comes with the typical confidentiality requests, which means we won’t get any of the juicy bits until the FCC lifts the curtain on October 15th.

No details revealed in the filings yet but what could they possibly be? If we ignore the unusually wide images shown in the schematics, there’s only the recently launched Archos Arnova series of budget tablets, available in 7-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch form factors or the new G9 series 80 and 101 tablets, although that wouldn’t account for the A70S2.

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