BenQ introduces BenQ RL2240H monitor for RTS Gamers; Releasing in October

BenQ has introduced a new monitor dubbed BenQ RL2240H, the specialty of the new monitor is that the new RL2240H is the first RTS(Real Time Strategy) gaming monitor in the world according to the company. The Monitor was built in conjunction with Zowie Gear, a gaming gear manufacturer and Startale, a renowned Starcraft 2 professional gaming team.

The BenQ RL2240H has several new features such as Black eQualizer, a technology that makes use of an exclusively designed color engine that improves visibility and details in darkened areas. The XL242410T monitor by BenQ being touted as the most preferred monitor in a series of gaming events.

Gamers can use the Display Mode to interchange between four monitor screen sizes from 17” (4:3), 19” (4:3), 19”W (16:10) to 21.5”W (16:9) and the Smart Scaling feature to manually scale the screen to any custom size. The Monitor is coming in white

The Monitor is expected to hit the market in Europe, Korea and Japan in October followed by other countries. The company hasn’t revealed the pricing of the new BenQ RL2240H RTS monitor.