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BMW Concept e Scooter at Frankfurt Auto Show 2011

BMW Concept e Scooter at Frankfurt Auto Show

BMW has unveiled a new scooter concept e that is coming with zero emission. The concept looks good and Featuring a rather future forward design, it intends to be a people mover first with a heart for the environment.

The concept scooter features vibrant green side panels, a shortened front windshield and acrylic glass battery covers. There are two LCD monitors located near the handlebars and will let you know live feeds of the road to the back and sides, so that there no longer is any need for standard mirrors. The Concept e can be completely recharged in less than 3 hours, and a full battery can power the sleek speedster for up to 60 miles.

There is no idea if the Concept e models will make its way to market or just be staying as the concept. Anyway, I don’t think that it will be released in a near future even if the company intends to produce the model for the market and we are eager to know pricing will be affordable if it comes to production.

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