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Canon to release new X MARK I MOUSE Slim with Bluetooth 2.0 and Calculator in October

Canon to release new X MARK I MOUSE Slim with Bluetooth 2.0 in OctoberCanon has expanded its portfolio with a new Mouse named X MARK I MOUSE Slim, the new device is in fact a combination of a calculator and mouse, a 2 in one device with slim profile. So you don’t need an additional calculator in your shelf for calculation and  always it is in front of you.

The Canon claims that the mouse is made of recycled canon material and is an environmental credential. The mouse has numeric keypad and a A high-resolution, ten-digit display panel on the top of it and the device is slim and sleek than earlier version of the same device named X Mark I Mouse. A smart matte surface also makes the calculator easy to grip and with a choice of a glossy white or glossy black finish. The mouse is also more power efficient with an Auto-power Off function that automatically shuts the unit down after a set period of inactivity, so  Mouse functionality ceases after 30mins of non-use and seven minutes of inactivity In calculator mode.

Other features include a fully-functional scroll-wheel, three click buttons and integrated Bluetooth 2.0 for instant connectivity to computers, the calculator can be used as a high performance wireless laser mouse (1200 dpi). The X MARK I MOUSE Slim is compatible with both PC and Mac. According to Canon the X MARK  I MOUSE Slim will be released in October 2011. Canon hasn’t revealed the price or particular release date for the new Canon X MARK I MOUSE Slim.

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