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D-Wave Quantum PC now out for sale

Not too long ago, quantum information technology was something Sci-Fi, not to mention the fact that the concepts of „quantum” and „quantum science” are still very strange terms for some. But things are slowly changing.

D-Wave, a company that studies almost exclusively quantum computer technology, has managed to launch the first 128-qubit processor computer after several years of research. The company named the computer „D-Wave One”. The price tag is not available yet and people can find out how much the computer costs only after they have contacted the company’s sales department. Some features are worth mentioning.

The new data processing system brings incredible processing advantages for a small number of tasks, whereas for others, the system is very slow compared to a traditional processor. Nevertheless, the new system represents a step forward in the supercomputers’ era. Qubit powered computers are very effective when it comes to solving number theory problems or breaking codes. All you have to do is save some money because the computer does not come cheap.

The computer is powered by a processor named „ Rainier” which uses quantum annealing to „mould and warp quantum particle energy” and created integrated circuits to solve specific problems. The processor is not out of this world because it can be programmed with the Python programming language.

D-Wave One brings another advantage – the quantum annealing lets scientists see what happens inside the computer via snapshots of the processor’s state. The snapshots are then put into movie frames and studied.

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