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Facebook introduces Gesture buttons which offering improved Like and Recommend buttons

One of the biggest problems with Facebook’s Like and Recommend button is the fact that people have always been somewhat afraid to ‘Like’ content, because they may not necessarily want to be associated with such information. For instance, you may have read a news story about George Bush assassinating Barack Obama. While this is tragic news, the site you viewed it on would have had a Like button and liking it could give the impression that you agree with what happened, when indeed you just wanted your friends to see the story.

With Facebook’s new drive on sharing content, they will introduce a much expanded version of that button that works in various ways. If you’ve tuned in to your FB profile recently, you would have noticed that a Ticker box has appeared to the right hand side. While this box shows basically everything now along with your main stream, eventually sharing content and liking content will be somewhat separated so you have control over where it is shown.

First of the biggest announcement is the fact that custom buttons will be made available. For instance if you read a review on a movie website, you can click the “Read” button or if you saw a hot deal on Amazon, you could click the “Want” button. These buttons will be made custom depending on the nature of your site which in turn will help users get more social rather than shying away from hitting the like button.

To help filter content, users have always wanted to like something but not necessarily have it come up on their feed. This is where the ticker box comes in. Let’s say a webmaster sets up his button so users can click the “reviewed” button, then that activity will pass on to the Ticker box but not to the main feed. While we are not sure of the logistics, they give us the impression the webmaster has some control over where the feed appears.

These various gestures show up in the ticker and interested friends can then click on them to read more about it. The whole thing really helps to keep the main feed from being cluttered by individual activities yet maintain that high level of social interaction with Facebook.

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