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Ford EVOS Concept released at Frankfurt show

Ford Motor is giving a hint of what forthcoming models will look like with its Evos concept car, a streamlined four-seater with slender LED headlights and a high front grille. The Ford Evos design study, formally introduced here Monday on the eve of the 2011 Frankfurt auto show, is the “new face of Ford” and is expected to influence styling on all its coming cars, said J Mays, the company’s chief designer.

“People look at this vehicle and ask, ‘Are you trying to move Ford upscale in the marketplace?’” Mr. Mays said. “I tell them, ‘We’re going to be giving our vehicles a premium look, without the price premium.’”

The Evos is said to be a “cloud-connected” car, learning your preferences and connecting to these great internets to pull down details like traffic, road issues and points of interest. That’s all standard stuff, but it’ll also determine your driving ability plus driving intents and tailor the suspension and driving modes appropriately.

Aside from that, Mr. Mays said that “significant elements” of the Evos design would be evident in a new production-intent vehicle to be unveiled in January at the Detroit auto show.

“This is a design that has relevance in Ford’s worldwide markets,” he said. “It won’t be limited to any geographical region. Our philosophy is still ‘One Ford’ with this vehicle. The same cars will be available worldwide.”

The Evos concept has a fastback body shape which is said to reinforce the models’ driving dynamics and distinguishes it from its competitors. Key elements in what Ford is calling its first truly global styling DNA are evidenced in the car’s dramatic proportions — the Evos is as long as a Focus but as wide as a Fusion — more refined surfaces, powerful-yet-elegant technical graphics and most critically, in its recast front fascia.

It’s a plug-in hybrid, so it can run as a full electric for at least part of its 500 mile total range. And, thanks to that connected nature we just mentioned, it’ll even look at the layout of the roads ahead and switch between EV and normal modes appropriately.

The thin lights also help reduce the size of the raised grille, which gives the car only one major opening up front, instead of two, for better aerodynamics.

The Evos design elements will appear on cars in all of Fords’ global markets.

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