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IFA 2011: Toshiba AT200 thinnest Android tablet release date soon, price yet unknown

IFA 2011 - Toshiba AT200 thinnest Android tablet release date soon, price yet unknown

Toshiba has announced the next Android Honeycomb tablet to come out of Toshiba headquarters, the Toshiba AT200. Those of you who’ve stuck around will find the AT200 has loads going for it, like the fact it’s bleedin’ skinny — a useful feature in consumer tech. It measures a mere 7.7mm deep from front to back, which means it’s a full millimetre thinner (go ahead, count it) than the iPad 2 at its fattest point.

The Toshiba AT200 has a 10.1? widescreen display, which will give it a longer form factor than the iPad, but hopefully the new 7.7mm thin chassis and 1.2 pound weight will help with some of the balancing and holding issues we had with the Thrive. The 10.1? display has a 1280×800 resolution and is flanked by an average size bezel. Powering the tablet is a TI OMAP 4430 1.2GHz processor, and you have 64GB of on board storage and a micro SD card slot to add to the storage needs.

Toshiba Europe says the AT200 will have micro-USB, microSD, and micro-HDMI ports. If true, I’ll especially miss the full USB port and the SDXC card slot already on the Thrive; the inclusion of those made the tablet a compelling camera companion while on-the-go, though I wished the Thrive’s display was better.

Speaking of Google, the AT200 runs version 3.2 (Honeycomb) of the company’s Android operating system, which is the latest until 4.0 — aka Ice Cream Sandwich — is released later this year.

Toshiba hasn’t announced pricing or availability of the Toshiba AT200 just yet, but we have heard that it will ship before the end of the year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on store shelves before October is over, so that it can take advantage of the holiday shopping and spending.

Toshiba AT200 Hands-on:

A Toshiba Spokesperson provided the following comment on this new tablet,

At IFA, Toshiba is showcasing the AT200, a forward-looking thin and light tablet that demonstrates our ability to push the category forward. While extremely thin, the AT200 will feature a range of ports – a testament to Toshiba’s focus on usability in all of our tablet designs, an important element the category overall needs. Although consumers are telling us they want thin and light tablets, we also are hearing they do not want to sacrifice usability to get there.

Toshiba is committed to expanding its tablet offerings building upon Thrive’s success with future tablets. The AT200 is currently on the U.S. product roadmap; however, general availability, pricing and detailed specifications of this product have not yet been announced. This new innovative thin and light device, when launched, will co-exist with our mainstream Thrive™ tablet, creating a new premium segment and expanding the Toshiba tablet roadmap to meet the multiple usage requirements of our customers.

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