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Images of 2011 Eterniti Hemera spotted ahead of Frankfurt Auto Show

Eterniti-Motors-HemeraBritish based Eterniti Motors has finally released more images of the anticipated luxury vehicle previously teased as Hemera, a car with muscle power looking so stunning at a glance. The Company hasn’t revealed much about the vehicle other than the new images ahead of Frankfurt Auto Show.

The Eterniti motors has previously stated that the Hemera “is based on the latest generation of the best large SUV platform available, which will undergo a chassis-up rebuild, with a new, repackaged interior, carbon-composite body panels and additional performance”.

It seems that the Hemera is based on an existing vehicle platform–most likely a Porsche Cayenne–and designed to go up against the likes of a planned Aston Martin Lagonda crossover and a new ‘Super-SUV’ from Bowler.

The Hemera will sport a limousine-like rear cabin, with twin electric reclining seats, iPads and a drinks chiller, while the SUV will be motivated by a 620bhp engine offering a top speed in excess of 180mph or 289km/h.

The company also released a short teaser video for the Hemera, you  can watch the Hemera teaser video after the break. Production of the Hemera is expected to begin 2012. Anyway, we should hear more about the Hemera soon, so stay tuned for the update.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″]

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