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Microsoft Windows 8 OS and Samsung Tablet revealed with Specs at BUILD Conference

Microsoft Windows 8 OS and Samsung Tablet revealed with Specs at BUILD ConferenceMicrosoft has finally unveiled the Windows 8 with whole bunch of new features at the BUILD conference,  Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky  at the BUILD conference today delivered the long expected preview of Windows 8. The preview of the Windows8 will be released later today for download for those who want to check it out to switch in to the new OS.

Moreover, as expected early Microsoft has also revealed the new Windows 8 based tablet from Samsung that will be offered for all attendees at the event, the tablet powered by Intel Core i5 processor and features an 11.6” Super PLS display with a resolution of 1366 x 768, 2nd generation Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, microSD card slot, and free 3G access to AT&T’s network for a single year. The Samsung Windows 8 tablet costs about $1,099.

Microsoft stressed numerous times that Windows 8 is above all touch-centric, barely mentioning the fact that it works with keyboard and mouse as well. The old programs built for Windows 7 can run on Windows 8 too and launch as separate apps with the current interface. The Windows 8 was also demoed on a basic Atom processor with 1GB of RAM and the demo ranged from 10″ tablets with ARM-based chipsets, like the ones from NVIDIA, Qualcomm or Texas Instruments, to large all-in-ones with 27″ screens. MS has imbued its tenth iteration with the ability to switch between the much-hyped Metro-style UI and plain old desktop view.

There are many highlights to the new platform and some of them are as follows:

  • All Windows 7 applications will run natively on Windows 8
  • Security update notifications have been minimized to the lower right of the log-in screen
  • Refreshed Windows Task Manager suspends apps when they’re not running on-screen
  • New “Reset and Refresh PC” functions enable simplified system wipe and restore
  • HyperV virtualization software comes pre-loaded on Windows 8
  • Multi-monitor support now enables a single background across screens, as well as monitor-specific task bars
  • Multi-touch support enabled for Internet Explorer 10
  • Magnifier function enhanced for desktop manipulation
  • Optional thumb-by-thumb input mode
  • SkyDrive storage support integrated into all cloud-based apps
  • Metro-style refresh for Mail, Photos, Calendar and People apps with Windows Live ID
  • Settings roam allows for preferences to sync across a user’s Windows 8 devices
  • Continued update support for Windows 8 Developer Preview Beta
  • Even a Lenovo S10 (first-gen Atom + 1GB of RAM) can “run” Windows 8
  • There’s “no overlays” with Windows 8; Metro-style goodness is baked into the core
  • Both Metro-style and conventional Win32 apps will be sold in the Windows Store
  • Windows 8 devices equipped with an NFC chip will be able to use a tap-to-share feature to either send content from one device to another, or simply receive content from something like an NFC-equipped card.
  • Logins will use a photo-based system
  • Apps will be able to natively connect and understand one another (if written as such)
  • Built-in antivirus software will ship in Windows 8
  • There will not be a different edition of Windows 8 for tablets, and presumably, not for Media Centers either
  • It’s unclear how many “editions” (Home, Professional, Ultimate, etc.) of Windows 8 there will be
  • ARM devices will be supported, but not in the developer preview

Noticeably the Windows 8 takes only seconds to load as early demoed on a short video and said that the installation of the Windows  8 will only take a few minutes, regardless of the hardware, then run all day on a single charge. You will be able to download the preview of Windows 8 later.

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