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Modern Warfare 3 may be the last in the Video Game Console Era

Activision”s (ATVI) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be the biggest entertainment launch of all time at its November 8 release.

How do I know this?

Because the last two Call of Duty games earned the very same distinction, so a three-peat is quite likely.

Still, Modern Warfare is one of the three last hurray for the console-gaming era, dominated as the world shifts toward new-school, alternative platforms.

The current generation of gaming consoles and handheld platforms consists of including Nintendo, Microsoft (MSFT) and Sony (SNE).

Unfortunately, all three are supplanted by enemies, we could not have imagined just five years ago – and that means great things for investors.

Let”s start with before we discuss mobile gaming consoles.

According to a recent research report from Parks Associates, nearly two-third of smartphone users to play games on at least a monthly basis.

And how are sales of smartphones to? Gartner said that they were 74% to 108 million units in the second quarter.

The Nintendo DS, the best selling handheld gaming platform of all time, 146 million units sold in his lifetime.

His successor, 3DS this year, will not fare nearly as well. In fact it was so poorly received in the retail sector that received a significant price decline in July, just four months after its release. From first to worst in a generation? That”s just scary.

The appeal of the smartphone (and tablet) games is pretty easy to understand. They are dirt-cheap or free, you can usually try before you buy, and they do not require you to buy and carry a gadget with you.

So that takes care of the handheld world.

Let us now look at consoles.

A study commissioned by social gaming company Kabam indicated that there is some overlap between the console and the social-gaming population.

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