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Motorola to release EX225 Facebook and EX226 Dual-SIM Phones?

Motorola to release Motorola EX225 and EX226 Facebook Phones?It seems that Motorola is to introduce new two smartphones with QWERTY keyboard on board. We could say that it is follow up after HTC introduced its ChaCha and Salsa with Facebook button integration. There have been a leak of some images which revealed  two similar looking smartphone with different model number. One of them feature a dedicated Facebook button while the other doesn’t.

The devices dubbed as Motorola EX225  and EX226 are looking similar each other except the EX226 doesn’t feature a dedicated Facebook button on it. Both handsets feature a portrait QWERTY keyboard and has square form factor. Interestingly, it’s being reported that the EX226 will offer dual-SIM capabilities instead to make that its standout feature.

There is no official info regarding to these two handsets other than the leaked images and rumors. It is better to wait for an official word on the device instead of speculating I think, so stay connected till more details are revealed.

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