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Nokia N9 Pre-order begins in Finland; 64GB all reserved

Nokia N9 Pre-order begins in Finland; all 64GB reservedFinally the pre-order for the Nokia N9 MeeGo Smartphone has started in its motherland Finland, interesting thing is that within 3 days since the pre-order was started , all available pre-order for the 64GB version has been over. Nokia N9 also available for pre-order at Amazon in US and rumored to hit the shelves on September 23rd.

N9 is coming in 16 and 64GB versions and only 16 version is left for pre-order in Finland. It is really interesting to see such a movement in pre-order even while Nokia is preparing to release its WP7 Smartphone and announced that there wouldn’t be much more MeeGo Smartphones. It seems that Whatever stock Nokia is preparing for its Flagship Store in Helsinki, it won’t be enough.

Anyway, I would also like to think that Nokia may change its decision over MeeGo devices if the Nokia N9 becomes successful and makes a trend in the market.

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