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Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Vodafone UK release soon; Price yet unknown

Smartphones are no longer devices reserved for the tech obsessed among us – they’re part of most people’s every day existence. The Samsung Galaxy Y is Samsung’s latest attempt to make smartphones accessible to a younger audience. It’s affordable while remaining a very capable Android device.

Samsung announced a new range of Galaxy smartphones last month, one of those was the new Samsung Galaxy Y, and it looks like it will be headed to mobile operator Vodafone here in the UK. The Galaxy Y is a entry model phone that is budget-friendly and aimed at the younger audience. It features 3-inch screen, runs on Android 2.3, and is powered by a 832Mhz CPU. As you can see from the limited specs that are currently available, don’t expect this baby to pull 3,000+ scores on Quadrant benchmarks.

3-inch QVGA screen
Of course, ‘affordable’ and ‘social network-focused’ means that the Samsung Galaxy Y isn’t a giant-screened multimedia superphone. Its 3-inch screen is clear, but with a QVGA resolution (320 x 240) you won’t want to watch many two-hour films on it. It will, however, be fine for messaging and using simple apps.

832MHz processor
While the Samsung Galaxy Y is very much an affordable smartphone, that doesn’t mean that performance suffers. The handset’s 823MHz is a notable step up from previous entry-level Android devices, and should be able to handle apps, games, and YouTube videos reasonably well.

160MB of internal storage
160MB of internal storage isn’t much, but the Samsung Galaxy Y comes with the capacity to expand significantly. Through its microSD card slot, you’ll be able to expand the memory by up to 32GB – more than enough to store all your music (and a fair few apps) on.

2-megapixel camera
You won’t be shooting and camcorder-quality home videos on your Samsung Galaxy Y, nor will you be adding and pictures taken on it to your family photo album. However, its 2-megapixel camera will be fine for uploading low-res shots to Facebook or videos to YouTube – which is what the Galaxy Y is all about, after all.

Android 2.3
We’ve mentioned apps, and the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Y comes with the very latest version of the Android operating system means that there are some 250,000 applications available to you on the Android Market. The OS is also a joy to use for browsing the web, sending messages (with the innovative Swype keyboard making typing easy) and listening to music.

Unfortunately, there’s no official pricing or availability information. Expect it to be released soon and to be offered free or really cheap with a contract.

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