SandDisk releases 64BGB microSDXC card for Smartphones; Features and Price

SandDisk has launched a new  microSD card with a capacity of 64GB, the card named SandDisk Mobile Ultra and supports all Smartphones  and tablets that have microSDXC compatibility doubling capacity up from the current 32GB standard. If yo have been looking for such a solution for your Smartphone or tablet, you may like to check out the card.

The Mobile Ultra also features transfer speeds of up to 30MB/s that provide better performance for capturing full HD videos. One thing to note before you go for purchase, make sure that your device has microSDXC card support, since the card only support such smartphones and tablets. Currently many devices are coming only with 32GB microSDHC card support.

This is anyway hopeful that the tiny cards are able to store massive files and let’s hope future devices will come with supports for microSDXC cards. The SandDisk Mobile Ultra will be available in ranging from 4GB to 64GB capacity with a starting price of $24.99. note that card with 64GB storage is priced at hefty $219.99. the card comes in a bright red and gray color combination instead of typical black.