SIM Card with Google Brand spotted in Spain

Some months ago there was rumor that Google may launch its own carrier even though there hasn’t been any details regarding to this rumor yet. Now we have got an exciting info from Spain that an alleged Google SIM card has spotted.  The SIM card is as you can see with Google brand on it and looks real.

As a company attempts expand its way on business, it is not impossible for company like Google to implement a carrier, there are many barriers though. With this leak that old and closed chapter may be the talk in coming days. According to the rumor, the SIM cards are being tested out on the Nexus S and and it seems that when inserted into the Nexus S device, the carrier branding changes to “Google_Es”.  Anyway take it with grain of salt since it will remain as rumor till there has been any clue from the Company representatives at least. It can also be a professional Photoshop job but who wants to make such a rumor?, Let’s wait and see.