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Super Talent USB 30 Storage POD released; Pricing $29

Super Talent USB 30 Storage POD released; Pricing $29Nowadays people want faster transfer rate than the USB 2.0, we know there is solution for that it is USB 3.0 supported external hard drives and pen drives. But what to do with our old external hard drive that doesn’t have this option, well Super Talent has a solution for that, you can use Super Talent USB 3.0 Storage POD Enclosure.

It only costs $29 where a new hard Drive costs almost starting at $100, well you save a lot so. Note that at the same time it will require you to do a little tinkering, assuming that you’re up for the task of course.  don’t believe that you need engineering degree for that but a scre driver is more than enough. All you’d have to do is remove your external hard drive from its casing, install it into the Super Talent’s enclosure and you’re good to go.

The only thing to note is that your current SATA hard drive needs to be 2.5” in size or an SSD for it to work. Check out the video below to see the task in action and feel free to comment in the box.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″]

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