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Verizon XOOM Tablet 4G LTE Upgrade begins today

Verizon XOOM Tablet 4G LTE Upgrade begins todayFinally Verizon XOOM owners are going to enjoy the LTE power on their tablet, after a long time of wait and promise, it seems that the time for Motorola to upgrade the XOOM tablet is here. The 4G LTE upgrade for the tablet has started today and the tablet is not anymore just a tablet but XOOM 4G LTE. Verizon has officially announced the availability of the upgrade  on its site.

Verizon will start selling Motorola XOOM 4G LTE starting October 13 for $499. The tablet will go one sale with 2 year contract. When the tablet was released one of its main attraction was the 4G LTE support on Version and many must have chosen the device for that. Even though the company took long time than promised, it is better than getting it further later.

When we talk about the 4G LTE you may also want to know that Motorola is prepping another 2 new tablets namely XOOM2 with LTE support that was leaked a few days ago, and  the upgrade may also be  further step to its launch. Anyway, feel free to drop your comment in the box before you leave.


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