WP 7.5 Mango Smartphone HTC Mozart released in Russia

Fianlly Europe has found its first Windows Phone 7 mango Smartphone, so if you have been waiting for the Windows Phone mango device, this may let you have one soon even though the first WP mango device is released Russia.

Shogun Bros New Chameleon X-1 has said announced that the HTC Mozart with WP7 mango is available for purchase in Russia. The Mozart will be available either through HTC’s Russian site, The Messenger, or through MTS. The device has been priced at 12,990 roubles (~$414). It seems that Consumers who buys the device get a year of free mobile Internet.

Anyway, it is expected that Europe could see new Mango device with some exciting features when it comes to major European market. The Mozart is somewhat older device with new OS.