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Barnes and Noble to launch Nook Color 2 Tablet on November 7th?

Barnes and Noble to launch Nook Color 2 on November 7th?Recently the Amazon released its new Kindle Touch eReader and Fire tablet, what does the Barnes & Noble has to offer to compete with Amazon?. There is a rumor that the flagship Nook Color eReader is about to get new version on its lineup. And it seems that the release of the device is getting closer. Source says that the launch of the new eReader will be November 7th which is a week before Kindle Fires begin shipping out from Amazon.

It also seems that the new device is most likely to be tablet version of the Nook Color eReader and there is sense, since the original Nook Color eReader is almost like tablet and Amazon Kindle series including the Fire have made major threat to Nooks growth in the market as well as it needs a refresh.

An anonymous B&N employee told The Digital Reader that his or her store is building a huge new display in the center of the store especially for the Nook tablets and e-readers. Spotlight, LCD TVs, touch screen demonstration kiosks, the works. A manager told him or her to expect a major Nook announcement on the 7th to compete with the Kindle Fire.

The Nook Color currently runs a heavily modified and branded version of Froyo, and the Fire runs a likewise customized version of Gingerbread.  The Amazon Kindle Fire is priced at $199.99. Can we expect the Nook 2 to be cheaper than the Kindle Fire?

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