Does the Samsung Galaxy S2 Cut the Mustard?

Samsung’s Galaxy S2 looks and feels like the top end phone it is from the very outset. Though the phone has a 4.3 inch screen there is no doubt that it seems a lot smaller than you would expect. This is helped by its tiny thickness, it’s only 8.49mm thick and its weight is only 116g. The phone is not just slim but also very attractive and a phone you will be more than proud showing off to people you know.

In the space of a few months the S2 easily outperformed its predecessor, the Galaxy S. More than 10 million people have gone out and purchased a Galaxy S2 contract already, and the new flagship Android has already stolen the title of bestselling Android phone of all time from the original Galaxy handset.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with a dual core 1.2GHz processor that offers a blistering speed that we could not believe; even when we tried to load the maximum number of heavy pages at one time the device barely had a problem with dealing with it. This processor is backed up with 1GB of RAM, which is twice that of many so called premium phones. Then again the processor is twice the standard size also.

The screen though is the most exciting thing about the S2. The boys from South Korea have improved on the excellent Super AMOLED screen of the original and added a Plus at the end of the name that is well deserved. This 480x800p screen is a beautifully bright display that we are more than delighted with.

The brightness, range of colours and the size of the screen for browsing and footage make it undoubtedly the king of the screens as far as we are concerned. Even with the brightness settings turned down to their lowest the S2 outperforms many rival phones in terms of its picture quality.

Samsung have added a wonderful 8mp camera to this with an excellent sensor and a dual LED flash. This camera is also capable of taking excellent 1080p high definition footage and combines excellently with the screen, ensuring a very satisfying effect for us.

The phone uses the most modern of Android operating systems – 2.3.4 Gingerbread, to ensure you get the smoothest possible experience. Add the TouchWiz user interface to this and you have an amazingly intuitive and hugely customisable beast in attractive clothing. We loved the amount of options and also the array of applications available.

The top Samsung Galaxy comes with a number of little tweaks such as tilt to zoom and others that show Samsung is thinking outside the box even if these little additions don’t catch on with other developers.

Overall we were very happy with the new Sammy and would urge people to consider in if they are on the quest for a new device. With more than 10 million sales for the S2 in the space of a few months it is easy to see that many other people have been delighted by this top Android phone as well.