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Image of Dell’s new Windows 7 Tablet spotted; Dell Peju?

Image of Dell's new Windows 7 Tablet spotted; Dell Peju?It seems that Dell is behind a new tablet, there has been leak of the device with image as well as some specs. It look the tablet is Windows 7 operating system powered but not sure finally it comes with Windows 8 on board. It is also suspected that the tablet could be the Dell Peju which was spotted on  video a few months ago.

There are no much details regarding to the tablet other than what we have now and may want to wait a little more. The tablet is reportedly 10 inch wider and may also sport 2GB RAM, a USB as well as HDMI port, and a stylus holder that is strategically placed behind the device. Dell is apparently looking to make it available in December for around $900 to $1,000.


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