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Microsoft’s Skype Deal closed for $8.5 Billion

Microsoft's Skype Deal closed for $8.5 BillionFinally Microsoft has closed the acquisition of Skype, anticipated acquisition was first officially revealed some months ago and had been waiting for approval from Regulatory board. The deal has finalized for $8.5 billion  and the Skype will be integrated within the company as separate business unit.

Recently the Skype VP said that there would be deep integration of the App with Microsoft WP devices. The future is expected to bring Skype on all levels in various Microsoft products.

“By bringing together the best of Microsoft and the best of Skype, we are committed to empowering consumers and businesses around the globe to connect in new ways,” Skype CEO Tony Bates said in a statement.“Together, we will be able to accelerate Skype’s goal to reach 1 billion users daily.”

The deal has been approved by European Union as well as in the States but it’s still up for review in some countries like Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and Taiwan.

When it comes to integration of Skype with windows products, there is no particular time period for that but it will be coming gradually but with deeper support at all level. The Skype is already on Android and iOS and we can expect that Skype support will soon be available on WP devices. There will also be Skype integration with Microsoft Lync and analysts point out that Lync integration for once could take up to two years since the code has to undergo significant changes.

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